Wrestlettes - Charlotte Spidersilk

Charlotte Spidersilk is a species of Monster known as an Arachne. Unlike most members of her race who are only top part woman and bottom part spider, Charlotte is a blend of both Woman and Spider.

Appearance and Design Edit

Charlotte had to undergo some changes due to negative reactions of people.

November 2012 - March 2016 Edit

Charlotte's old design was top half woman and lower half Spider. She was also more stern than her 2016 remodel and wore a spandex jumpsuit that covered all of her body with the exception of her head.

Charlotte's old model also used to have a relationship with Adrasteia Venomcoil, a Gorgon with a top half of a woman and a bottom half of a snake. Adrasteia also had snakes for hair.

2016 - Present Edit

Charlotte's redesign some time after the creation of Toby Fox's Undertale. Charlotte was redrawn to look similar to Muffet, the Spider-like girl that lives in Hotland.

This redesign also bares some differences from Muffet.

Charlotte has been a lot more inclusive to Playboy Vampire ever since her new redesign from participating in wrestling matches to fighting Nightmare Vampirettes in "Boogey's Nightmares".

Background Edit

The Story of Charlotte has not been created yet. It well be in the near future.

Series Edit

Playboy Vampire's Costume Rumble - Charlotte Spidersilk

Charlotte's web Edit

This Series will be updated in the future. Before March 2016, it featured Charlotte Spidersilk (in her old design) trapping Zoey Charm in a silky cocoon.

Spider Web Edit

This Series features the new updated Charlotte Spidersilk in her one-piece, purple jumpsuit with black boots and three pairs of black gloves, a lavender bowtie and black spider web-themed duster.

Wrestlettes Edit

This Series has Charlotte in a purple spider-themed singlet with hints of black on the sides of the thighs of the suit and the collar with a red hourglass-shape emblem.

She is currently fighting Jackie O'Lantern for the Halloween Wrestling Championship.

Boogey's Nightmares Edit

Charlotte was given as a present for Playboy Vampire's Costume Rumble's Halloween event, "Boogey's Nightmares".

The normal suit that Charlotte has in the Series gives the following Stats:

St: 65 Df: 55 Sd: 60 En: 78

The suit also gives the following Attacks:

Headscissors; Bodyscissors; Muta Lock; Spider Web.